What is EliteDota

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Welcome to EliteDota.com


What is Elite Dota?

Elitedota its a new torunaments platform, where you can bring your Dota2 team and prove us how good you are!

We created a new space for Dota 2 teams to play strong tournaments with real money as prize.

We have in plan to organize weekly small torunaments with 100$ as prize and monthly medium tournaments 300$ as prize.


Who can play at tournaments?

EliteDota its dedicated to T2, T3 and T4 teams.


Which region are allowed to play tournaments?

At this moment only Europe region are allowed to play.

We have in plan to expand our tournaments in other regions like, North America, Asia and Russia but for start we will oganize only for Europe region.


How can you reviece your prize?

Its simple, to PayPal account.

Payments are made immediately after tournament.